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Professional and Independent Legal Technology Consulting Since 1989

Independent Legal Technology Consultants

We do not sell any products, nor do we receive commissions or referral fees from vendors and integrators we recommend. Our recommendations are objective and intended to be in your best interest.

Technology Assessments

About half of our consulting work focuses on assessing the technology environment in your firm or department. We not only evaluate the technology in your office, but we also evaluate how your attorneys and staff use the technology. This is often very revealing, providing insightful ways for your office to gain more productivity out of your existing technology. Many times, we help firms and departments determine where they are on the "Technology Curve" and what improvements they need to make in both technology and the use of technology to climb the curve to become more competitive in providing legal services. The primary objective of the Technology Assessment is to determine what you have, what you need, and how to prioritize and get from Point A to Point B.

IT Staffing Assessments

One of the most often asked questions is "how many IT staff should we have and what should be their qualifications?" A very good question and like most questions of this type, the answer is "it depends." The most important driving factors are the number of users, the number of offices, the number of computers (and peripherals), the number of servers and whether they are "virtualized" or not, the number of different software applications, the complexity of those applications, and the computer literacy of the firm.

Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Specialists

Simply put, I wrote the books on Case, Matter, and Practice Management Systems. These systems can help improve how your firm's or department's lawyers work with cases or matters, but in doing so, it will change the way lawyers and staff practice law, how they interact with each other on cases and matters, and how they communicate with their clients. There are dozens of case, matter, and practice management systems available. We've even built a complete website listing the majority of these systems.

Expert Witness (Technology)

With a strong design and development background in computer hardware and software, we've served as expert witness to many different types of cases over the years. Prior to becoming a legal technology consultant, Andrew Z. Adkins III was a computer design engineer. We can help you understand complex technologies in your cases.

News and Events

Andrew Z. Adkins III joins Steptoe & Johnson PLLC as CIO


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Book: "The Lawyer's Guide to Practice Management Systems Software," published by the ABA Law Practice Management Section, April 2009.