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The Lawyer's Guide to Practice Management System Software You Can't Get Much Closer Than This Computerized Case Management Systems

The mission of the Legal Technology Institute is "to provide an innovative forum for making a positive impact and improving technology in the legal profession." We are committed to working with the legal profession in a variety of venues, including publishing articles in legal industry magazines and newsletters, publishing books, and actively participating in legal technology conferences.

Mr. Adkins has written several books about legal technology as well as other historical fiction novels.

For a copy of Mr. Adkins' CV, click here.

Three Years, Eleven Months, 29 Days: But Who's Counting
AZAdkins Publishing, 2015

The Lawyer's Guide to Practice Management Systems Software
ABA Law Practice Management Section, 2009

You Can't Much Closer Than This: Combat with Company H, 317th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division
Casemate Publishers, 2005
[Selected as "Book of the Month" for the Military Book Club, November 2005]

Computerized Case Management Systems
ABA Law Practice Management Section, 1998

The Year 2000 Resource Handbook & Planning Guide for Lawyers
Legal Technology Institute, University of Florida Levin College of Law, 1999

WordPerfect Law Office Solutions for DOS (two chapters)
James Publishing
, 1995

WordPerfect Law Office Solutions for Windows (two chapters)
James Publishing, 1995

Co-Founder, The Internet Lawyer
Established August 1995, monthly periodical

Developer, The Internet for the Legal Profession Seminar Series
Adkins Consulting Group, Inc., 1995

Law Office Computing Magazine
Legal Technology News Column Editor
James Publishing
, 1993 - 1999