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The Legal Technology Institute provides independent technology consulting services to the legal profession, including private law firms, corporate and government legal departments, government agencies, courts and administrators, law schools, legal services organizations, and legal verticals. Our mission is to assist our clients with technology issues, long-range goals and implementation to help improve their delivery of legal services to their clients. The following is a representative list of clients and the work performed on their behalf.

Case Study - Boardman Law Firm LLP

Boardman Law Firm LLP is located in Madison, Wisconsin. The firm's 50+ attorneys are located in three offices. The firm requested Andrew Z. Adkins III, director of the Legal Technology Institute, to review the current technology environment and technology staffing and provide recommendations to help improve the level of technology service to end users.

Mr. Adkins worked with the firm's Executive Director, IT Director, and Technology Committee, helping to determine the current state of technology compared with peer law firms, provided recommendations to increase staffing in the IT department, and provided recommendations and an implementation plan to migrate to the Microsoft Office environment.

Contact Person at Time of Consultation
Kirsten Spira, Chair Technology Committee