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The Legal Technology Institute provides independent technology consulting services to the legal profession, including private law firms, corporate and government legal departments, government agencies, courts and administrators, law schools, legal services organizations, and legal verticals. Our mission is to assist our clients with technology issues, long-range goals and implementation to help improve their delivery of legal services to their clients. The following is a representative list of clients and the work performed on their behalf.

Case Study - Central Florida Legal Services, Inc.

Central Florida Legal Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency that provides legal services to the poor. During 1993, the Florida Bar Foundation, which oversees the State of Florida’s 33 legal services organizations, provided grant dollars to all services in order to bring their technology to an acceptable level. Andrew Z. Adkins III assisted not only Central Florida Legal Services, Inc., but also six other legal services organizations to request and obtain substantial increases in the grant.

Our task during this consulting engagement was two-fold. First, we helped these organizations put together a grant request package which included not only detailed specifications, but also detailed costs and benefits. The purpose of this phase was to request a grant for upgrading present operating conditions. With our efforts, these seven agencies, as well as others throughout the state, helped to increase the initial grant requests between 30% and 75%.

Our next task was to prepare a Request for Proposal, submit it to vendors and integrators capable of handling these installations and support, evaluating the received proposals, and preparing an analysis of the proposals, including spreadsheets detailing the cost differences between the vendors. We also assisted in the final negotiations with the successful vendors.

Contact Person at Time of Consultation
William H. Abbuehl, Executive Director