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The Legal Technology Institute provides independent technology consulting services to the legal profession, including private law firms, corporate and government legal departments, government agencies, courts and administrators, law schools, legal services organizations, and legal verticals. Our mission is to assist our clients with technology issues, long-range goals and implementation to help improve their delivery of legal services to their clients. The following is a representative list of clients and the work performed on their behalf.

Case Study - City Attorney - City of Milwaukee, Wisconson

The City Attorney of the City of Milwaukee retained Andrew Z. Adkins, III as an independent legal technology consultant to review an analysis and recommendations report and proposal prepared by a legal systems integrator. The Integrator performed the Needs Analysis and prepared a proposal for Systems Integration. The City Attorney, with approximately 35 attorneys, requested technical and objective assistance in understanding and evaluating the Systems Integrator's proposal.

We evaluated the proposals, provided technical assistance to the City Attorney's staff, and helped to negotiate the final contract for delivered services.

Contact Person at Time of Consultation
Barbara Woldt, Office Manager