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Clients - Client Testimonials

"When we decided we needed to add case management software, we wanted to investigate our options completely and know that we were making the best decision for the firm. We wanted to have an expert in the field analyze our needs and help us choose the best vendor. We found Andy Adkins to be all we needed and more. From the very first time we contacted him, he was courteous and responsive and never kept us waiting on a return call or email. He worked us into his busy schedule very quickly and spent several days at our office meeting with nearly everyone in the firm. Those meetings were very productive in part because of Andy's approach to them. He was always comprehensive and yet to the point and the attorneys never felt it was a waste of their time to answer his questions. he was able to get a very good feel for what our firm's needs were and the practice areas that needed the most help. Andy looked in depth at our technology structure and used that information, coupled with the practice are needs, to recommend several vendors. After we received quotes from the vendors we were most interested in, he helped us go through those proposals to make sure we weren't missing anything and that they weren't trying to charge us for something we didn't need."
Peggy Smith, CLM, Firm Administrator
Radey, Thomas, Yon, Clark

"Your work with both the City Attorney's Office and the IT Department staff in creating the Request for Proposals solicitation, along with the review of all submittals was invaluable. In addition, the Technology Assessment and Workflow Analysis were instrumental in our ability to make a qualified decision on the case management software that was right for the City of Goodyear's Legal Services Department. Further, your work ethic, work product, and inter-personal skills were exemplary during the entire process. It was a pleasure working with you."
Roric V. Massey, City Attorney
City of Goodyear, Arizona

"Mr. Adkins and the Legal Technology Institute were retained for the purpose of developing a technology plan to guide the Legal Services Division as it moves to enhance its technological environment and embrace improved practices around optimal use of technology to help organize its work. They provided a systematic, client-centered and credible approach to the development of a technology plan. Mr. Adkins took the time to ensure that his work and the reasoning behind it was fully communicated to all stakeholders. He devoted his personal attention and energies to the matter and made himself available to deal with related questions."
Patrick O'Connor, Director
Legal and Risk Management

The Regional Municipality of Peel CANADA

“Just a note to tell you how much we appreciated your services in assessing the information technology situation here at the Law School. Your analysis was careful and thorough, and your recommendations have proved to be extremely helpful in our efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services.”
Michael M. Martin, Associate Dean
Fordham Law School

“On behalf of the firm and the Strategic Technology Planning Committee, I’d like to personally thank you for your efforts on our major technology upgrade initiative. Your unique knowledge of the legal profession and how law offices can better utilize computer technology was instrumental in our project. The ability to listen to the users and understand their specific needs while maintaining a focus on what was in the best interest of the firm is not often found in consultants. Your total independence from vendor ties and complete objectivity provided us with a focused, balanced and well thought out plan for implementation, which I know will serve the firm well for years to come.”
Dean Turner, Executive Director
Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed, P.A.

“The work you performed recently for The Florida Bar’s Special Technology Advisory Committee was outstanding! It has proven to be right on target. While we recognize we’ve been playing ‘catch up’ in our deployment of technology, the timing of your study indeed was propitious.”
Park Trammell, Director-Communications Division
The Florida Bar

“I would like to thank you for your extremely valuable input early on in this project. I doubt our installation would have gone as painlessly as it has without your insight and oversight. Although we have talented people in our computer operations department, we found it very important to have you as part of the process to advise us of the trends in law office management vis a vis hardware and software. Having you as our consultant was also a great help when it came to choose between vendors. You guided us in cutting through the puffery and exaggerated claims that are sometimes made by a vendor seeking to obtain a contract.
Carolina A. Lombardi, Directing Attorney
Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.

“On behalf of the Office of the General Counsel, I wish to thank you for your extensive work in analyzing our office’s hardware and software computing needs and issuing your recommendations. The report was accurate, creative and practical, particularly considering the budgetary limitations we face. This may be your style on every project, but my view is that you went beyond the call of duty in taking the significant amounts of time with each member of my staff, carefully listening to their concerns, and developing a real understanding of the needs of this office before issuing your recommendations.”
Pamela J. Bernard, General Counsel
University of Florida

“Your audit of our current technology condition and your thoughts on where we should be heading have been, and will continue to be, most useful to us. You initiation of the process of identifying a systems integrator was also of value to us. In my judgement, our engagement was very successful.”
Dennis W. Kerrigan, Executive Director
Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hichman, L.L.P.

“Over the last year we have retained Andy Adkins to assist this office with our long term planning with regard to computer services. He assisted us with three projects: (1) A workflow analysis for the Civil, Criminal, and Traffic Infraction Departments; (2) Development of the goal of a totally integrated, computerized court management system; and, (3) A review of the potential use of imaging technology in the Clerk’s office, review of vendor proposals, and selection of an imaging vendor of choice. Mr. Adkins’ survey of this office has proven to be an important and useful management tool. I have found Mr. Adkins to conduct himself professionally and he is easy to work with.”
Buddy Irby, Clerk of the Circuit Court
Alachua County, Florida

“On behalf of the entire firm, I wanted to confirm in writing our appreciation for the terrific service you have consistently provided us over the past five years. Your expert guidance in the selection of hardware, software and networking systems has been invaluable. More importantly, your accessibility and willingness to listen to, and answer, the many question we computer illiterates come up with has been most appreciated.”
John D. Jopling
Dell, Graham, Willcox, Barber, Jopling, Comfort, Schwait and Gershaw, P.A.

“Please accept my sincere thanks for your patience, understanding and technical expertise in bringing our law firm current with the computer age. You successfully worked through the added challenge of having two senior partners in this law firm somewhat intimidated and slow to react to the demands of our current technology environment.”
Thomas M. Donahoo, Managing Partner
Donahoo, Ball, McMenamy & Johnson, P.A.